How To Fill A Grappling Dummy/Wrestling Dummy

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Child practicing with grappling dummy

Grappling Dummy

If you are a fan of MMA, UFC, or other varieties of wrestling then chances are that you might have seen the professionals practice different moves on a grappling dummy.

Grappling is a very important move in the field of wrestling. Many moves can be initiated from this position. However, the performers and professionals need extensive practice to pull a great grappling move. Naturally, they can’t just practice tirelessly and continuously on another human being. This is where grappling dummy are introduced and this topic take place What to fill grappling dummy with?

“Here is a bonus tip for you. If you are planning to be a professional fighter, wrestler or you just want to practice some moves for self-defense you can get yourself a grappling dummy and start practicing.”

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When the grappling dummies are discussed, a question is raised about How To Fill A Grappling Dummy? the answer to this question can be found later in the article.

Filling of grappling dummy

Originally, Grappling dummies are unfilled, without anything as they are sold. You have to fill them up with different materials according to your preferences. There is a specific cavity on all grappling dummies for filling. After you get them in a standard empty form, you can then fill it with different materials. Make sure to fill it with material or things that will make it ideal for use. You don’t want to fill it with materials that wouldn’t help you with your training.

filling of grappling dummy
Filling a grappling dummy

What Is The Best Thing To Fill Grappling Dummy With?

Grappling dummies can be filled with different materials based on the nature of your training. The material you use to fill the grappling dummy is very important. One thing to keep in mind is to avoid filling the dummy with material that is harmful during your training process. Some materials may even make matters worse.

If you are not sure about how you can fill a grappling dummy then it’s better to ask someone with more experience in the industry.

Grappling dummies can be filled with paper, shredded paper, shredded towels, blankets, sand, and fragments of clothes. You can also use a mixture of all materials mentioned above. This will not just give the grappling dummy a unique feel but it will also be more productive for you. You should never fill the grappling dummy solely with sand, although you can add sand with other materials like shredded paper and shredded clothes as sand can add weight to the dummy which can be great for training purposes. Some people even use foam to fill their grappling dummies.

At the end of the day, the choice depends on the person doing the training and the nature of training.

filling of grappling dummy
Filling Materials for unfilled grappling dummy

What to fill the grappling dummy with?

Grappling dummies can be filled with a wide range of different materials. Most commonly they are filled with paper and clothes. However, some people even use foam and other similar materials to fill their grappling dummies.

When it comes to the question of the best material for grappling dummies then we can surely say that there is no single answer to this question. Many experts would tell you that the best way to fill a grappling dummy is to have a mixture of different items in the grappling dummy. Having different materials will give a more natural feel to the dummy and you will be able to train way better than you would with a single material.

So, if you are looking to get a grappling dummy, fill it with a mixture of paper, clothes, sand, foam, and any other material you think will make your grappling dummy work better.
You can follow the above advice and fill your grappling dummy with the right materials and improvize your training process tenfold.

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  1. anthony collins says:

    i am filling in mine now, its leather which makes it tough to shove and push to legs and arms, videos show us filling in canvas ones which looks much easier,so whats better canvas of leather dummies i have just got to perserveir and keep on push and shoving until all limbs are full,

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